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Cumshots are concrete evidence of a decent fuck session. Girls love the feeling of a hot juicy load being dumped on their pretty faces. In fact, the demand for high quality cumshot material was so high; sites were developed that devote themselves to it. Whether it’s in the ass, pussy, hand, feet or mouth, all of the action on the sites we have reviewed always finishes up with a decent cumshot. Of course, the girls only keep the mountains of hot cum on their faces for so long before licking the fruits of their labor up like hungry kittens. Fancy watching some cumshot porn? Then take a break and check out the ones we have reviewed. has a simple motto; one pretty face at a time. Taking on naturally pretty women, 1000 Facials paints faces with sticky man juice.
Rating: 89.1
Categories: Cum Shots, Blowjobs, HD Porn
Date Reviewed: 13/06/2013
Price: $29.95 / month, $14.95 / month (You save $15)
The title says it all – Only Teen Blowjobs takes on the freshest faces in the adult industry and gets them to suck big shlongs for your pleasure.
Rating: 88.6
Date Reviewed: 13/06/2013
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Taking the popular niche of deep throat to the next level, should satisfy your hunger for hardcore blowjob action like no other site around.
Rating: 88.4
Categories: Blowjobs, Cum Shots, HD Porn
Date Reviewed: 13/06/2013
Price: $29.95 / month, $14.95 / month (You save $15)
Hands on Hardcore is full of hot and horny chicks looking to take huge cocks in all of their tight little holes.
Rating: 87.2
Date Reviewed: 27/01/2010
Price: $26.95 / month
Only Blowjob has the oral scenes and cumshots that make this site so special.
Rating: 86.4
Categories: Blowjobs, Cum Shots, HD Porn
Date Reviewed: 28/01/2010
Price: $26.95 / month
Well known for his large cock and massive cum shots, Peter North offers a large selection of his movies.
Rating: 85.2
Date Reviewed: 21/10/2009
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The Art of Blowjob presents up close and personal blowjob action that brings all your favorite sucking and action directly to your balls. You will feel like a part of her inner circle with all of the hot action you spend watching her suck on cock.
Rating: 84.7
Date Reviewed: 01/05/2011
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Hot white models and porn stars are face fucked and cummed on by multiple black men.
Rating: 83.1
Date Reviewed: 14/02/2011
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Beautiful innocent faces being painted with vast quantities of the white stuff – Cum Disgrace is all about jizz play and hardcore semen shots.
Rating: 81.1
Date Reviewed: 14/05/2011
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Barely legal teen fuckdolls are subjected to throat fucks, hardcore sex and cum worship on Natural Born Swallowers.
Rating: 79.6
Date Reviewed: 28/04/2011
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