- Glossary

These are a list of terms you will often find used on Porn Tips. To help simplify your use of the Advanced Search form or simply assist you in understanding what these terms are, we've provided a list below that we hope you will find useful.

Bonus Sites: Bonus sites are sites included at no additional charge. Some could be in the same niche as your original site, others will cover varying niches.

Category: Refers to the "niche" or type of content offered by the site.

Cons: These are the negative aspects of a site that detail what are lacking or preventing it from receiving a higher score.

DRM: This is Digital Rights Management. DRM is used by some sites to prevent the copying, or converting of video content to protect against unauthorized sharing.

Download Limits: Download Limits are exactly that. They limit the amount of content that can be downloaded (usually within a 24 hour period).

Downloadable: If content is downloadable, it can be saved to your computer for viewing at a later time, or any time you wish.

Exclusive Content: Exclusive content means the content will only be found on that particular site.

Galleries: Individual photo shoots/photo sets. Galleries will generally contain 50 to 200 related photos.

High Definition: Video that provides a much higher resolution and bitrate (as well as file size). The video quality will be much better than video which is not High Definition.

High Resolution: Pictures that are very large in size and thus quality.

Membership Type: Describes the length option of the join (Pay Per View, Weekly, Monthly, Mult-month, etc.)

Multiple Bitrates: Video that is offered in 2 or more data speeds (See Video Bitrate).

Multiple Formats: This means that video is encoded for viewing using different codecs or different means of delivery (such as streaming flash, DivX, WMV...).

Non-Exclusive Content: This type of content can be found typically on several different sites.

Non-recurring Billing: A one-time payment for a membership to a site. Your membership will not automatically be renewed. To continue your membership you will need to re-join.

Outside Reviews: Reviews provided by review sites other than Porn Tips.

Partner Sites: These are other sites owned and operated by the same program/company.

Payment Type: This is the method used to provide payment, typically, Credit Card, Online Check, 900 Number or Postal Mail.

Picture Resolutions: This is the highest resolution in which the pictures are available on the site.

Pre-Checked Cross-sales: A method employed by some sites to include additional memberships/trials to other sites when entering your payment information. Be sure to un-check the boxes next to the additional offers if you don't wish to be billed for those sites.

Processor: The Independent company that provides the billing service on behalf of the site you are joining.

Pros: These are the positive/good qualities that we find the site posseses. "Pros" are some of the reasons you should consider joining the site.

Recurring Billing: This means that at the end of your billing period, your membership will automatically be renewed and billed (unless cancelled).

Regular Updates: A site that provides new/updated content at least one day per week.

Review Date: Occasionally, Porn Tips will provide updated reviews of sites. The Review Date will be the date of the original review. Updated reviews will be noted in the review "Details" section.

Site Type: This describes the type of content the site provides (i.e: Pictures, Video, Webcams, Dating, etc.)

Streaming Video: Video that can be viewed directly from within your browser.

Trial: A Trial Membership is typically 1-3 days. Some trial subscriptions allow Full access to the site, some allow limited access.

Video Bitrate: The speed in which the video data is displayed. Higher bitrates will typically provide higher quality video.

Video Formats: The type of video offered by a site, the video codec required to view the content.

Video Resolutions: Simply the viewable size of the video. Higher resolutions will be larger files and better quality.

Watermarks: Generally speaking, Watermarks are identifiers placed on pictures or video. They will usually be the Name or URL of the site which hosts the content.

Zipped Content: Content (Pictures or Video) that come pre-archived in a .zip file. For example, this allows you to download an entire photo gallery in 1 convenient file.