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ALS Scan is a place for shaved, hairless wonders that want to share their bodies with the rest of the world.

Rating: 92.0
Categories: Amateur Teen HD Porn
Review Date: 2013-06-27
$29.99 / month (recurring)
$39.99 / month (non-recurring)
$99.99 / year (recurring)
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ALS Scan Review
ParadyceReviewed by Paradyce on 2013-06-27 Members

ALS Scan – Gorgeous Shaved Beauty in Artistic Nudes!

ALS Scan has been around since 1996 and knows its fetish pretty well. For those who aren’t familiar with the site, ALS stands for ‘All Ladies Shaved’ and as you’d expect, it means that the girls are hairless when they feature on the site. The tour of claims that it has HD videos, a large archive, frequent updates and some of the hottest names in the business staring in its content. This review will take a look at the inner workings of ALS Scan and tell you what’s on offer if you decide to sign up; read on for more information.

The Site

One thing that was pellucid upon signing in is that ALS Scan has been around for a long time – it’s just a shame that the site design hasn’t been updated much! Alright, it’s not the worst layout in the world, but it is a little outdated and definitely could earn a few points if it had a modern feel about it. Unlike a lot of other porn sites on the web, doesn’t show you the latest material on the homepage; instead, you have to go over to the ‘updates’ section in order to see the new stuff. One real big plus for ALSScan is the update schedule it has; at least one new piece of media is added to the site every day and on some occasions, you get two solid pieces of adult entertainment to stew on.

ALS Scan keeps moderate profiles on all of its models and archives their content with names so you know exactly what they’ve appeared in and when they appeared in it. The owner of the site actually has a blog that he posts on about twice a week and all of the updates pertain to the site and stuff going on within it. There are also some really entertaining special features such as behind the scenes shoots, casting videos, polls, outtakes and everyone’s favorite, bloopers!

The Content

Content has always been the most important thing to consider when you join an adult entertainment website, and it just so happens that has a lot of it in stunning resolutions and bitrates. There are currently 1642 videos and just under 2108 picture sets averaging 20 minutes in length and 200 images per gallery respectively. Starting with the photos, I found three resolutions of 1024 x 680, 2048 x 1361 and 4767 x 3170 pixels available with the all important zipped photo sets available for quick and easy content acquisition.

The videos featuring these gorgeous shaved models come in a variety of different formats although I’ll spare you the boredom of listing them all here and just mention the 1080p Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel MP4 at 8 Mb/s. The content itself is really enjoyable – leans toward the production of high quality erotica, meaning you’re going to get a lot of naked women in glamorous locations wearing naughty outfits or nothing at all. It’s fair to say the tour’s preview content is true to what’s given once you get inside.

Final Thoughts has been around for a number of years and when you look at the size of their archive, you can see what they’ve been doing with the time. There are no if, buts or maybes about it, ALS Scan has an incredible collection of enjoyable erotic content that will drive even the most prude male to giving himself a bishop bash. With so much on offer for a realistic price, it’s little wonder why hundreds of people join ALS Scan every day.

Quality of Content
Amount of Content
Ease of Navigation
Consistent Updates
Cost Value
Video Downloads
Site Originality
General Details
Categories: Amateur Teen HD Porn
Site Type: Picture Video Exclusive Content: Yes
Bonus Sites: No Regular Updates: Yes (Daily)
Pricing Information
Pricing: $29.99 / month (recurring) $39.99 / month (non-recurring) $99.99 / year (recurring)
Payment Type: Credit Card Online Check
Membership Type: Monthly Processor: CCBill
Pros & Cons
Pros: Massive archive 1080p and 720p HD formats Daily updates Amazing 4700x3100 pixel option
Cons: Watermarks
Video Information
Videos: 1642+ Scenes (each ~22 minutes in length)
Formats: HD H.264 (.mp4) MPEG4 (.mp4) iPod (.mp4) Windows (.wmv) DivX (.avi) Streaming Flash
Resolutions: 1920x1080 1280x720 960x540 640x360 480x270
Bitrates: 1920x1080 HD H.264 (.mp4) 10000 kbps
1280x720 HD H.264 (.mp4) 2000 kbps
640x360 MPEG4 (.mp4) 1500 kbps
480x270 iPod (.mp4) 350 kbps
1280x720 Windows (.wmv) 6000 kbps
1280x720 DivX (.avi) 4500 kbps
960x540 Streaming Flash 2000 kbps
960x540 Streaming Flash 1500 kbps
960x540 Streaming Flash 350 kbps
Downloadable: Yes Download Limits: No Multiple Formats: Yes
Watermarks: Yes (small) Streaming: Yes DRM: No
Multiple Bitrates: Yes High Resolution: Yes
Image Information
Galleries:2108+ (~220 pictures per gallery)
Resolutions:4767x3170 2048x1361 1024x680
Zipped Content:Yes High Resolution:Yes Watermarks:Yes
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