Visit Babes Network is more than just a hardcore HD video site, it is outstanding photography, out of this world models and the most sensual content on the internet.

Rating: 90.1
Categories: Babes Hardcore HD Porn
Review Date: 2012-12-26
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Babes Network Review
Missy DReviewed by Missy D on 2012-12-26 Members
Preview - The classy way of doing hardcore porn!

Babes Network is hardcore porn at its finest and most sophisticated way, with absolutely stunning goddess like girls and top quality content. These girls are out of this world, they might look like angels but they're little devils in disguise! From straight sex to lesbian and even threesome, they are doing it all and they clearly love every second of it! With more than 220 clips and new updates every day, this site keeps growing and brings you the finest in hardcore pornography.

The Site

When you log in to the members area you will be able to access to your account, the support service and the log out function by clicking the little house in the tab menu, which is the first option of the top menu. Right next to the home you have the following tabs: Videos, models, photos, categories, promotions, Babes Cam and Babes reel. Most of them are pretty straight forward, videos, models and photos tabs bring you to the list of videos, models and photos, categories bring you to a search engine by categories, each category is illustrated with a nice photo and bring you to a list of videos, you can also access to a more detailed search on that same page. The promotions link brings you to a page where you have deals on subscriptions for other website, Babes cam link gives you access to a webcam service and finally Babes Reel takes you to another site from the same company, so if you like you will love! On the main page you also have a selection of videos and models with a search engine. You also see a banner with suggestions for other sites.

Videos are the main attraction of the site so let's spend more time on the video page. When you first mouse over the video tab (same for pictures and models tabs) you will see a menu that lets you choose between top rated, most viewed, my favorites, coming soon, couples, lesbian, and solo. You also see images of the 3 featured videos. If you don't pick anything and just click on video you will be directed to the entire list of videos. From there you still can choose a filter to go to what you really want to see. So when you made your choice and picked a video you will be directed to a page related to the video itself. There you have informations about who's acting in the clip with a clickable link to their own model page and you have different options, you can "Like" the video, add the clip to your favorites, share on social network such as Facebook, Twitter... You can watch videos online in either High Rez or Low rez and either streaming RTMP or Progressive HTTP. You also have the option of downloading the clip, you can choose between Full HD 1080p, HD 720p, SD 480p or smaller version for mobile phones, iPod, PSP. On the video page, on top of the video screen you can choose to see the picture set that is matching the clip and you can also watch the trailer. If you scroll down the page you will see related section and you can view comments and leave one in the comment section.

The Content features high quality content, videos and matching picture sets. When I say high quality content I mean perfection! The photography is outstanding, the lighting is perfect, the locations seem to be coming directly out of decorations of magazines, the girls are just plain perfect, the music is great, nothing is amateurish in this site, it's all 100% professional. The videos pattern is the following, introduction of BabesNetwork logo with music, then we see the "babe" and the action starts, slowly, seductively, tenderly. The clip is accompanied with nice and sexy type of lounge music, sometime the music stops after 5 to 7 minutes, some other time it stays during the whole clip but the volume is lowered so we can hear perfectly the girls moaning and the music comes back at the end. The clips are pretty long, between 8 to 25 minutes. The actresses are not only beautiful but also very classy. All the interaction between actors is sensual and tender. is not only for guys, it's the kind of clips any girls who's dreaming about prince charming will enjoy.

I'm really trying hard here to find a downside of this site, something negative but constructive to say about it and there's nothing! There's no story but is it a minus? Not really, unless you really like stories in your porn clips. The clips seems to always have the same pattern, but that's what we want to see, right?

Final Thoughts is simply perfect! Hardcore porn with tenderness, art and class. With more than 130 beautiful models, 220 HD videos and matching picture sets, this site is an absolute sign up! And lucky us, thanks to Babes crew there is a special $10 discount for PornTips users!

Quality of Content
Amount of Content
Ease of Navigation
Consistent Updates
Cost Value
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Site Originality
General Details
Categories: Babes Hardcore HD Porn
Site Type: Picture Video Exclusive Content: Yes
Bonus Sites: No Regular Updates: Yes (Daily)
Site Notes: This site utilizes pre-checked cross-sales. ?
Pricing Information
Pricing: $29.95 / month (recurring), $19.95 / month (Discount, you save $10) $59.95 / 3 months (recurring) $99.95 / year (non-recurring)
Payment Type: Credit Card Online Check
Membership Type: Monthly Processor: No Independent Merchant
Pros & Cons
Pros: High quality production updates frequently 1080p Full HD videos
Cons: Videos are only offered in MP4
Video Information
Videos: 222+ Scenes (each ~23 minutes in length)
Formats: HD H.264 (.mp4) iPod (.mp4) Streaming Flash
Resolutions: 1920x1080 1280x720 974x546 854x480 768x432 640x360
Bitrates: 1920x1080 HD H.264 (.mp4) 6200 kbps
1280x720 HD H.264 (.mp4) 4200 kbps
854x480 HD H.264 (.mp4) 1600 kbps
974x546 Streaming Flash 3200 kbps
768x432 Streaming Flash 1200 kbps
640x360 iPod (.mp4) 550 kbps
Downloadable: Yes Download Limits: No Multiple Formats: Yes
Watermarks: Yes (small) Streaming: Yes DRM: No
Multiple Bitrates: Yes High Resolution: Yes
Image Information
Galleries:200+ (~100 pictures per gallery)
Zipped Content:Yes High Resolution:Yes Watermarks:Yes
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