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This site showcases every sexy, saucy, and seductive scene seen on film and television by all the stars of today and years past.  If you've got a favorite starlett and want to find out if she's ever shown some "skin", Mr. Skin is likely to have the juicy material.

Rating: 85.6
Categories: Celebrity Videos
Review Date: 2009-11-04
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Mr. Skin Review
DonReviewed by Don on 2009-11-04

Mr Skin – The Best of Nude Celebs

When you combine the world's most famous female celebrities with only their sexiest material, you’ve got a winner.  Who hasn’t browsed the web looking to see if that certain celeb has shown any skin?  When you want the best quality celeb action look no further than Mr Skin, a specialist in this area with a devotion to "fasting-forwarding to the good parts" so you don’t have to. Mr. Skin provides the web’s largest collection of archived nude celebrity photos and movie clips all bundled in a handy exclusive collection taken directly from the artist’s various works.

The Site

The new site design at MrSkin looks good.  The home page combines a nice dark blue paisley mixed with silver and black with search tabs that will take you directly to tabs such as updates, specials, blog, celebrities, movies, tv shows, and videos with the option to jump directly into browsing your favorite celebs alphabetically from the home page.  It’s clean and the new advanced search tool function on the home page has improved navigation here dramatically.  You’ll have the option to search celebs by such things as star type, age, body type, breast size, genre, nudity rating, ethnicity, and MPAA ratings to name a few.  Of course you still have the option to simply search by celebrity name or title as well by punching those into the search box.

You also have the ability jump straight to the new material which is updated with around 25-50 pics and 10 clips daily.  Simply click the update tab and you’re off and running to the newest material available.  This area is also archived for your convenience...a great idea.  This allows you to jump right in and view any material recently updated since your last visit.

Another area of interest is the blog area.  Here you’ll find the latest news inside Hollywood including birthdays, top 10 polls, and insider information on the latest movies and television series.  There’s tons of material here to browse through which is formatted much like you’d see in some of today’s most popular men’s magazines like Maxim Magazine where they display such topics as Mr. Skin’s top 10 redheads, top 10 celebs with the sexiest lips, child stars that have gone nude, etc.  The blog is updated daily with the latest scoops in Hollywood where members can comment on the latest polls.  The only complaint about the site would be the clutter of advertising displayed here.  You’ll find movies and box sets for sale on just about every page with links that will take you elsewhere.  This clutters what would otherwise be a nice looking site displaying a fantastic collection of the world’s most beautiful stars.

The Content

The content on this site appears to consist mostly of blog posts (how the site originally started).  I couldn’t find a single archive area where you could browse through a collection of nude images.  This leaves anyone simply wanting to browse through picture sets frustrated because videos/pics are displayed on the same pages.  Almost all pictures are video grabs that vary in quality.  Including magazine photos, paparazzi shots, and leaked personal photos would make a big difference here, but I digress.  Maybe this is something we’ll see some of in the future.  At any rate, the blog post are great ways to keep up with the latest in Hollywood and are well written.

The quality of the content really ranged in quality depending on the age of the material which ranged from the early ‘60’s to literally yesterday.  Video can be viewed in Flash streams in high and low quality. Some of the newest material is now available in stunning HD video 1280 x 720 pixels, and downloaded as a wmv or h.264 mp4 for high and low quality settings. Once again the pictures found here are video grabs which range in quality.

Final Thoughts continues to evolve and get better over the years. The blog here really adds an extra dimension and provides its members a fun way to keep track of the latest and greatest hotties to hit Hollywood’s inner circle. Minus the annoying ads and lack of a true picture search function, Mr. Skin is the ultimate collection in providing the sexiest scenes to ever graze a Hollywood set in one place. Whether you’re looking for sexy scenes of Greta Garbo your grandfather would appreciate or sexy Jessica Biel’s performance in the 2009 drama Powder Blue, you’ll find it all right here. You simply won’t find an archived library of authentic celebrity nude material anywhere on the net quite this extensive.

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Categories: Celebrity Videos
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Pricing: $20.00 / month (recurring) $96.00 / year (recurring)
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Pros: Celebrity style Good collection Updates daily
Cons: No exclusive content Blog style posting No archive area
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Videos: 44000+ Scenes (each ~2 minutes in length)
Formats: Streaming Flash Windows (.wmv) MPEG4 (.mp4) QuickTime (.mov)
Resolutions: 640x360
Bitrates: 640x360 Streaming Flash 800 kbps
640x360 QuickTime (.mov) 800 kbps
640x360 MPEG4 (.mp4) 800 kbps
640x360 Windows (.wmv) 800 kbps
Downloadable: Yes Download Limits: No Multiple Formats: Yes
Watermarks: Yes (medium) Streaming: Yes DRM: No
Multiple Bitrates: No High Resolution: No
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