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Sister Dee uses her own style of cruelty to deliver pain and orgasms to helpless bitches in heat.

Rating: 88.7
Categories: BDSM HD Porn Lesbian
Review Date: 2010-05-10
$35.00 / month (recurring)
Trial: None
Top GRL Review
DonReviewed by Don on 2010-05-10 Members

TopGRL - Intense Lesbian Domination!

Having premiered in the summer of 2009, TopGrl brings a really unique concept to the world of BDSM.  The Lady in charge here is Sister Dee and trust me, she IS in charge. Taking a cue from the master of rope bondage, the infamous PD of INSEX fame who is the creator of TopGrl, Sister Dee ties these horny bitches and then proceeds to slowly torture their craving bodies until they literally beg her to let their juicy cunts cum! These sluts love being at the total mercy of another woman and Sister Dee provides them with exactly what they crave. She uses gags, clamps, whips, canes and a complete arsenal of unique BDSM toys to painfully tease and then ultimately provide that much needed orgasm to these lovely sluts. There is nothing "fake" or "simulated" here as TopGRL truly pushes the boundaries of Girl on Girl dominance and submission.

The Site

With Top Grl we've definitely got a site that focuses on the content and not any fancy features. The navigation is straight-forward and includes the basic links to get where you want to go. There's a shared forum for as well as all of it's sister sites, where you have a chance to interact with others who share an interest in BDSM as well as post any requests the member might have. As of this writing there are some links that lead to "Under Construction" features such as the blog. There appears to be some company upgrades going on and I would expect things to be fully functional in the near future.

There is also a link for "Class" where Sister Dee practices her technique and receives instruction from PD to make sure she's in perfect condition and frame of mind to deliver her exquisite form of punishment to her slutty slaves. There's not a lot of content in this area of the site as it contains four videos and photosets, but they are a nice addition and provide some unique content. The "Updates" section is where you will be spending the majority of your time and you'll find all the real goodies including the videos and photos there. The updates are presented in order with the most recent first. Each set is dated and includes a dozen thumbnails as well as a pretty thorough description to give you an idea of what is in store.

The Content has stopped updating on 13 June 2011. Updates were once per week (every Monday) and each update contains a picture gallery as well as a video that is offered in several formats as well as split files for downloading in parts for members that have slower connections. The photo galleries offer a large selection of photo's showing Sister Dee dishing out some punishment to her submissive sluts. There are approximately 91 galleries and each one contains approximately 150 pics coming in at a resolution of 1200 x 800.

The videos are what will keep you coming back to TopGrl for more. Watching Sister Dee show no mercy to these helpless bitches who are hungry for some cruel punishment in High Def Girl on Girl BDSM action is what you're here for. The vids are available in 1280 x 720 WMV and MP4 Hi Def formats and the quality is excellent. They are available as one single file but also are split into several smaller parts for those with slower connections. You can also choose from 960 x 540 resolution available in WMV and MP4 format as well as 854 x 480 RealPlayer RM files. A portable format for iPod's coming in at 480 x 270 round out the offerings. Watching Dee inflict pain on these horny babes is a must see for anyone that's into seeing a sexy lady torturing submissive bitches until they beg for their horny pussy to be brought to explosive orgasm after orgasm.

Final Thoughts

If you crave Girl on Girl BDSM action then TopGrl is pretty much guaranteed to get your love juices flowing. Price may be a factor for some, but for such unique and quality content, TopGrl is well worth joining.

Quality of Content
Amount of Content
Ease of Navigation
Consistent Updates
Cost Value
Video Downloads
Site Originality
General Details
Categories: BDSM HD Porn Lesbian
Site Type: Picture Video Exclusive Content: Yes
Bonus Sites: No Regular Updates: No (Last update was on June 2011)
Pricing Information
Pricing: $35.00 / month (recurring)
Payment Type: Credit Card Online Check
Membership Type: Monthly Processor: RocketGate
Pros & Cons
Pros: Great quality videos Unique HD BDSM content
Cons: Room for growth Unfinished features
Video Information
Videos: 91+ Scenes (each ~45 minutes in length)
Formats: Windows (.wmv) MPEG4 (.mp4) RealPlayer (.rm) iPod (.mp4)
Resolutions: 1280x720 960x540 854x480 480x270
Bitrates: 1280x720 MPEG4 (.mp4) 1500 kbps
1280x720 Windows (.wmv) 1900 kbps
960x540 MPEG4 (.mp4) 1000 kbps
960x540 Windows (.wmv) 1200 kbps
854x480 RealPlayer (.rm) 750 kbps
480x270 iPod (.mp4) 360 kbps
Downloadable: Yes Download Limits: No Multiple Formats: Yes
Watermarks: Yes (small) Streaming: Yes DRM: No
Multiple Bitrates: Yes High Resolution: Yes
Image Information
Galleries:91+ (~150 pictures per gallery)
Zipped Content:Yes High Resolution:Yes Watermarks:Yes
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