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Sexually Broken brings you to the darkside of the Internet with some of the most extreme hardcore BDSM and bondage sex videos. Hot girls trapped in violent bondage encounters having every hole stuffed full of huge cock. Tied up, bound and gagged these girls must accept their punishment.

Rating: 89.5
Categories: BDSM Hardcore HD Porn
Review Date: 2013-06-25
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Sexually Broken Review
DonReviewed by Don on 2013-06-25 Members

Sexually Broken – Where Bad Girls Cum to be Punished!

Throw away all those ideas you might have about bondage and rough sex - or BaRS as it’s known in rope circles - because nothing you have seen before can prepare you for the real deal.

Sexually Broken
is as authentic as it gets with the site owner and internationally famous rigger Matt Williams taking centre stage and getting to get down and dirty with some of the most famous porn stars on the internet. With the photos in stunning hi def and all the videos in crystal clear HD you don’t miss a single second of the seriously rough sex action, nor a single fibre in the rope used to tie these stunning helpless and submissive beauties up. I say submissive these girls are more like captives and endure hours of sexual torture as their master uses and abuses them at his will.

You can forget deep-throat that is so old school and far too gentle for these guys and girls, at SexuallyBroken we’re talking deep deep throat fucking and rough with it. These babes are not only gagging they’re suffocating such is the power of the thrusting and unbelievable length of time big hard cocks are left throbbing at the back of their mouths cutting off their oxygen supply.

Like I said this is raw – brutal – nasty – explicit bondage and rough sex and you’re gonna love it. Featuring the most famous porn stars in the world of BaRS such as the legendary Darling – the stunning Wenona and the kinky as hell and humiliation craving Cherry Torn, if you’re looking for hot babes manhandled, bound, deep fucked and shuddering intense orgasms then you’ve just found BDSM heaven or should that be hell...?

The Site

As you might expect from a porn site covering a niche this dark, the design fits in perfectly and from the moment you enter the member’s area you feel as if you’ve just stepped into a dark dank and dismal dungeon. That’s not to say it looks awful – it actually looks amazing and really adds to the authenticity of the mind blowing content.

You are first faced with a huge photo montage of the very latest photo set and HD video. When I entered I couldn’t click it quick enough given it was one of my favourite porn stars Bonnie Rotten about to be bound, gagged and fucked until you could see the whites of her eyes!!!

To the left is the top rated videos and to the right the latest features which are complete BaRS movies of up to an hour in length. Scroll down a little and you have a link advertising the time and date of the very next live bondage show.
The header contains all the usual stuff – About Us and Help etc. but there’s also a Forum that takes you to a vibrant community discussing everything from the latest content to what they really want to see on the site next – and I have to say some of those suggestions are very dark!

After the three very latest photo shoots and videos you get to the main body of content and rather reminiscent of Pinterest you get the cool ‘infinite scroll’ which put simply means the content just keeps on coming – a bit like the girls in the videos I guess! Which brings us nicely to the incredible content - or should I say roughly because there’s nothing nice going on here!!!

The Content

As the site owner and star of many if not all the BaRS movies and photo sets, Matt Williams says there’s nothing worse to a true BaRS fan or practitioner than seeing a vanilla lily white attempt at this kind of porn.
In fact he goes further and admits to almost despising the scenes on some sites involving two fake actors producing a rope and trying to pass it off as true rope and rough sex. And let me tell you now – there’s nothing fake about the rough sex and rope scenes going on at – far from it!

Every single scene is superbly produced with no need for any wooden acting – the girls really are suffering and you feel for their every choke, gag, and scream. The guys on the other hand are as rough as they need to be and do not take any complaints lightly, indeed any moaning from the stunning girls are quickly dispatched by sticking a hard cock down their throats!

The rope sex scenes include the rigger fastening the knots – something infamous rigger Matt Williams was keen to include in all the scenes as he felt this was missing from the majority of BaRS sites making the whole thing a little to clean and orchestrated.

As I said earlier this is as authentic as bondage and rough sex porn can get and is certainly not for the feint hearted or for those hoping to see the normal run of the mill gonzo style porn.
The movies are all well scripted and the scenarios believable if truly toe curling and eye watering in their ferocity. If it’s rough sex you want – then you’ve got it and this is as rough as it can possibly get.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved Sexually Broken and I’m certainly neither into BaRS nor am I what I would call vanilla! The content took me to a dark place deep within me where women were mere sex slaves to be abused and used, and absolutely loved you for it. True devotees of the niche will be more than satisfied whilst newbies and converts to the scene such as myself have literally gone in at the deep end and come out wanting more. Sexually Broken is simply everything it sets out to be and is 100% no holds barred BaRS!

And as a special deal to Porn Tips visitors Matt has given us an exclusive discount saving you $5 off the join fee – who says all BaRS guys are bad!!!

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